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Home Decor Trends 2018 – What Is In And What Is Out

Posted by Dagmar Scherer on 9/3/2017
Home Decor Trends 2018 – What Is In And What Is Out
2017 is nearing its end and we have to think of the New Year already. Things are going to change and we found some surprise come-backs.

Let’s just dive in!

What Is In?

1. Terracotta
Terracotta makes a comeback after all those years. We saw the terracotta tiles in the 80s and in some houses they never really left. Gone are the cool white tones, they are being replaced by warmer earthy tones. Adding tiles to feature walls or a rustic fireplace will give some cosy character to the home.

Terracotta fireplace

2. Cork
Cork is not only a natural product that adds warmth to a home, it is also noise absorbent and very versatile. It can be combined with nearly any other material such as glass, metal, ceramics and if you like you can pin stuff at it.
It does not matter where you add cork, be it the floor, a single wall, a table top or you create your own feature, it will add something special to your place.


3. Dark Green
Warm and earthy colours are definitely the go for now! We already mentioned Terracotta, dark greens replace the dark blue and navy colours. 
Dark green as wall colour or to set accents in the home, you cannot go wrong. Whether as kitchen cabinet or part of your bedroom, combined with leather or natural wood and you created something devine!

dark green bedroom feature

4. Upholstered Bedheads
Add glamour to your bedroom with an upholstered bed head. Timber frames good bye, the newest trend is definitely bedheads.

upholstered bedhead

5. Tech-free Sanctuaries
Our lives are getting more hectic and as new technologies develop we spend more time with our phones or computers. To counter that we feel the need to get away from it now and then and homes with niches and nooks, places to retreat become more popular.
If you cannot change your home, just hang a curtain to section of a corner in a room, put a comfy reading chair in it and do not forget to bring a good book! Alternatively you can hang a hammock inside and relax in there.

escape retreat

6. Jewel Tones
We are bringing in some sparkle in our lives again!
Inspired by the cosmos, the sky, stars and clouds the materials to look out for are metallics, glass, quartz and opal.
Accentuate your decor with bold emerald, indigo or amethyst hues.
We want to create an interest and a lightness reflecting optimism.


7. Velvet
Concerned about sharp edges, rough textures and hardness of glass? Add a touch of velvet and it will smoothen it all out. Velvet feels like it sounds, very soft and cosy and that is exactly the flair you wish to add now. How does a velvet sofa sound like? If that is too much just throw some velvet pillows on your sofa and you have the same effect.

velvet pillow

8. Woven Textures
Set accents in your rooms with woven textures such as baskets, wicker plant stands, and always soften the rough appearance with something soft and luxurious such as velvet or hand-knitted throws. 

wicker basket

9. Home Accessories In Matte Black
Appliances, light fixtures, faucets, sinks - whether in your bathroom or kitchen - all come in stunning matte black. 

black sink

10. Live Indoors And Outdoors
Especially here in Australia we live half inside, half outside. Summer is approaching and so are the evenings outdoors. For the cooler nights or just to have something nice to look into add a fire pit and some comfortable pillows to sink in.

patio set

What Is Out?

1. Marble
Marble is still continued for kitchen benchtops, although with much discreet colours and a lot thinner. We will see more black, grey and brown in the kitchens. No more all marble in bathrooms either, tiles, basins and bathtubs now feature colours, again warm and quiet colours like plum, dark green, brown and beige. 

marble benchtop

2. Copper
Copper and rose gold had their time and it is definitely over now. The overly polished and obviously fake shiny surfaces which were seen everywhere will be replaced by burnished metals and black steel. Brass is the new copper.

copper kitchen utensils

3. Modern And Generic Furniture
No more buying a whole set of furniture which can look quite bland and boring, mix different pieces together instead to create something new and unique! You can see modern furniture everywhere, time for a change. Brighten up your space with a combination of old and new.

modern lounge

4. Quote Artworks
Cliché is out and so are quote artworks. We have seen them everywhere and it is time for a change.

Quote artwork

5. Boring Bedding
White bed sheets with white pillows and white duvet - boring! 
Yes, we spend a fair amount of our lives sleeping in our bed, does that mean it should look boring? Not at all! Pep it up with some colour, a few throws, pillows and give your bedroom some life! 

Boring bedding

6. Fiddleleaf Figs
Native to Western Africa this plant is often difficult to grow in Southern Australian climates, it is also quite expensive.
The new players are the olive tree and cacti.

fiddle leaf fig

7. Open Plan Living
As much as we love watching the children play while preparing dinner, we hate cooking smells throughout the house. In winter huge open areas are a nightmare to heat and in our more and more hectic life nowadays we appreciate to be able to retreat in smaller cosy areas. 

open plan living

8. Subway Tiles
We see subway tiles in bathrooms and kitchens often simply because they are cheap and versatile.
Longer tiles also known as finger tiles are the newest trend.

Subway tiles

In short:

Out are cool white kitchens and bathrooms, copper and rose gold, minimalism and shiny high-gloss finishes.

In are warm colours, cacti and olive trees indoors, together with sparkle they help to lighten up black kitchens and dark bathrooms, we will see more homes with places to retreat and enjoy a technology free corner.

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