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New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 1 - Cotton Hammocks

Posted by Dagmar Scherer on 9/23/2017
New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 1 - Cotton Hammocks
Check out the new stock of Mexican hammocks!

Remember the colourful Mexican hammocks we are already stocking?

Now we added even more new vibrant colours, think about the exciting decoration possibilities!

Imagine you have a neutral room colour and then add one of those lively coloured hammocks! 
Alternatively hung in your backyard the hammocks will create a modern, but relaxing atmosphere.

You really cannot go wrong. Just remember - hammock make wonderful presents!

Here a few examples of the new colours - let's start with the incredibly soft Cotton Hammocks:


Cotton Hammock Colour Cromatica

This chic hammock comes in sizes King and Jumbo which gives you plenty of room to stretch out or even share it with a few friends. 

Africa Mia

Cotton Hammock Colour Africa Mia

The earthen colours of the hammock are fantastic when you are trying to calm your mind and just float away in the spacious Jumbo size cotton hammock.


Cotton Hammock Colour Sahara

If you want to blend in with the sandy beach you really can only opt for Sahara! On one of those hot summer days, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle breeze cooling your body in this gorgeous hammock.


Cotton Hammock Colour Borgona

Borgoña is the Chilenean version of the Spanish Sangria. The recipe is simple, just mix a cup of sliced strawberries, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 bottle of white wine and add some ice cubes. Pour in a nice glass and retreat with it in your Borgoña Hammock!

Chichen Itza

Cotton Hammock Colour Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza was one of the larges Mayan Cities on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the fine coloured lines in this hammock represent the topical lines of the massive step pyramid known as El Castillo. 


Cotton hammock Colour Caramelo

The sweet Caramelo hammock comes in King size and is ideal to add a dash of colour to the house. 

There are plenty more new colours in the Cotton Hammock Range of the Mexican hammocks by Mayan Legacy, please do not delay and check them out!

Soon we will update on other new products that came in. 

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