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New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 2 - Nylon Hammocks

Posted by Dagmar Scherer on 9/30/2017
New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 2 - Nylon Hammocks
Last week we showed you a few examples of the exciting range of the newly arrived Mexican Cotton Hammocks. 

Today we will invite you to have a look at the Nylon Hammocks.

You may wonder, why are there Cotton and Nylon Hammocks?

It comes down to personal preference, but also to where you wish to use your hammock.

Generally speaking you will use the Cotton Hammocks mainly indoors and the Nylon Hammocks outdoors.

If it gets wet, cotton can get mouldy, so if you wish to hang your hammock next to your pool or take it to the beach you may opt for a Nylon hammock. Cotton is softer and many people prefer to use them inside to relax in.


Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Atlantida

Atlantida is a suburb of Mexico City - let us take you on a journey to Mexico in this wonderful hammock!


Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Bondi

This classical hammock mirrors the colour of the sea at Bondi Beach...

Ocean Weaves

Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Ocean Weaves

Speaking of the sea - this delicate looking, but so robust hammock carries its name rightly.

Fresh Garden

Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Fresh Garden

Green - yes, always a fresh colour for a hammock

Monte Olivo

Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Monte Olivo

Monte Olivo is a tiny town in Mexico, swing in this hammock and let yourself drift away...


Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Bronze

Bronze is the name and warm colour of this hammock. Ideal when you wish to blend in with nature and still have the feel of luxury.


Mexican Nylon Hammock Colour Tierra

La Tierra - Spanish for Earth is reflected in the earthen colours of this beautiful hammock

Please stay tuned for Part 3 of our New Arrivals!

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