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New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 3 - Hammock Chairs

Posted by Dagmar Scherer on 10/8/2017
New Arrivals! Mexican Hammocks In Vibrant Colours: Part 3 - Hammock Chairs
Part 3 or our New Arrivals in the Mexican Hammock Range!

Today we introduce to you the colours of the new season. Whether you have only a small space, maybe even inside, or you just wish to sit more upright instead of lying - a hammock hanging chair is always a wonderful item to have around. 
Easy to hang up and move around, all you need is a hook and you are done! For extra bounce and to make it easier to get in and out of hammock chairs we always recommend to add a spring.

Some people prefer to have a hammock chair stand which is another option.

Please check out the new colours of the season.


Hammock Chair Colour Alegra

Alegra is Spanish for "Cheerful" and which colour combinations could better translate this than the Alegra Hammock Chair?


Hammock Chair Colour Caribe

Whether you live in the Caribbean or in Australia, this hammock chair makes you think of holidays!


Hammock Chair Colour Colorina

Can it get any more colourful as with the Colorina hammock chair? Inhale the Mexican energy this chair is oozing...


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Cream

Cream always was and always will be a classic. You cannot go wrong with this colour, it goes with everything.


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Oceanica

What can I say? This hammock chair has all the colours of the ocean. Sink into it and swing with the waves.


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Mexicana

No Mexican Hammock Chair without the vibrant colours of Mexico! 


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Radiante

The bright sun in the sky, not a cloud in the sky, what a beautiful day best spent in a beautiful hammock chair in radiant colours.


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Rainbow

You knew it - the colours of the rainbow. If we could only find that bucket of gold!

Dream Sands

Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Dream Sands

This is my favourite, I just cannot help it. Dreaming in Dream Sands - sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Mexican Hammock Chair Colour Confeti

With this Hammock Chair you can literally feel the fun, throwing confetti at the newly-weds or just at a party. It says only one word: Enjoy!

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