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Why Buy From Us

It is always recommended that newborns should sleep in the same room as the parents, but in a separate sleeping space. Often you have not enough room for a cot and you may want to consider a baby bassinet instead.
Bassinets are portable and you can take them with you from room to room. 
Another consideration would be that straight after a difficult birth or caesarean you may find it difficult to bend down over the high sides of a cot to lay the baby down.  
Bassinets have sides shorter than your arms which makes it a lot easier to put a baby in or pick it out of a bassinet.
Usually bassinets are on fixed legs, not this one! The beautiful macramé bassinet can be hung and offers a lovely rocking motion to help the baby fall asleep in no time!
Being 100% cotton the bassinet looks fabulous and is also very soft. 
The bassinet comes with a mattress to fit on top of the plywood base.
NOTE: Babies should never be left unattended!
Material: 100% soft cotton
Hand Woven: Yes
Country of Manufacture: Nicaragua

Product Details
Product Type: Baby bassinet
Material: Cotton

Measurements (variation occurs because they are handmade)

Width 58cm x Length 95cm x crib Height 38cm 

Weight 4kg

About the Manufacturer
The Toucan Shop imports directly from artisans in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala to Australia.
Their aim is to support these small groups of artisans to maintain their traditional cultures.
Everything in stock is hand made and supporting fair trade.
This brand aims to maintain the highest level of quality control for all their products.