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Are you considering to go camping and wish not to leave a foot print? Then the Camping hammock or also called Travel hammock is the right one for you.

This Nicaraguan hammock comes without a spreader bar and can be hung between trees when out bush. We recommend using our Tree Straps which protect the tree trunks and different to a tent a hammock will really leave no trace after you move on.

Due to its size this beautiful soft hammock is often also used as a Family hammock. It supports up to 450kg and comes in two colour options – natural or multicolour. In the multi-colour version we leave it up to the Nicaraguan artisans to select and put together the colours to make sure each hammock is unique and you can be assured you will get a very individual hammock.

Supporting fair trade and traditional cultures.

Material: 100% soft cotton
Hand Woven: Yes
Country of Manufacture: Nicaragua

Product Details
Product Type: Camping hammock
Hammock Material: Cotton

Weights & Dimensions

Weight capacity: up to 450kg!

Multi-Colour version
All Multi-Colour hammocks are different - you will receive an unique product!

About the Manufacturer
The Toucan Shop imports directly from artisans in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala to Australia.
Their aim is to support these small groups of artisans to maintain their traditional cultures.
Everything in stock is hand made and supporting fair trade.
This brand aims to maintain the highest level of quality control for all their products. 

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