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We Have A Wide Variety of Hammocks in Australia for Sale!

No matter what type of hammock you are looking for, we are sure we have the perfect solution for you.
We have Mexican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock frames for freestanding hammocks and of course already compiled combinations for a worry-free shopping experience.
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At Hammocks Down Under we realise that choosing the perfect hammock can become a bit confusing. You may ask yourself:

Which hammock is right for me?

Do I need any hanging accessories?

What about a freestanding hammock?

Should I get a prearranged combination?
There are many things to consider and you may feel overwhelmed.
We have created the Hammocks Buying Guide for this reason to give you a general overview.

Of course every person is an individual and your needs may be completely different to someone elses needs.
We won't leave you alone, please get in touch with us and we will make it easy for you to find the right solution for your requirements! Check out our most popular products below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for more information about Hammocks Down Under and our suppliers.


  • Spreader Bar Hammock Queen
    Spreader Bar Hammock Queen Colorina
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    Sale price
  • Spreader Bar Hammock Queen with Crochet Fringe
    Spreader Bar Hammock Queen with Crochet Fringe Cream
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    Sale price
  • Brazilian Deluxe Double Hammock Natural
    Brazilian Deluxe Double Hammock Natural
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    Sale price
  • Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand - Blue Lagoon
    Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand Blue Lagoon
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    Sale price

You are looking for a high quality hammock or hammock swing chair that will guarantee you a first class experience? You have come to the right place!

We at Hammocks Down Under only carry the best hammocks money can buy.
You may wonder why we do not carry some products other stores have? We only carry the best of the best which meet our stringent high standards.

Why? Simply because we want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase!
Our philosophy is, when we source our range of products we only go for the best and we do not compromise. 

Not only will you find the best hammocks at Hammocks Down Under, we also bring you the lowest price guaranteed. How do we do that?
We speak straight to the manufacturer and we have a great negotiator on our team who was able to get us some extremely good deals with our manufacturers. 

It is really a win-win; here at Hammocks Down Under you will find the best quality hammocks in Australia for the best price on the market! Nobody beats our prices!

Whether you wish to buy a hammock or a hammock swing chair for just relaxing, for camping, for alleviating back pain, as a present or for any other reason you can be rest assured, whichever product you buy from us you will be right. 

While you will not find hammocks from Bunnings here, there is a wide selection of products and if you are unsure which one to choose we recommend you check out our Hammock Buying Guide which will answer most of your questions. 

Outstanding customer service is not just a word for us, we live it! 
If you prefer to talk to a real person, just give us a ring at 0417 716 907 or 07 3298 5036 and we are happy to assist you. 
Alternatively you can contact us via LifeChat or email. 

Brands we currently carry
We shifted through the brands on the market and carefully handpicked a few which meet our high standards.

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