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I still remember the day when first tried to lie down in a hammock. My friends just said 'hop in' and so I did. Well, the moment I jumped in I found myself on the ground surrounded by my laughing friends! You got to have friends like this. Yes, afterwards I learned there is a technique - simple, but you need to know it - to properly enter a hammock which you will find in the Hammocks Buying Guide.
Fast forward a few years and a few slipped discs later thanks to that snowboarder who jumped with his board straight into my back, I kept seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis and I got better, but never pain free for good.One day I met this lovely lady who told me that she had back issues, but they are all fine now and she mentioned hammocks. Haha - no way I would ever enter a hammock again! She said, look it is really simple and she showed me how to get in (and I have to admit, it is really easy). She told me if she wakes up at night and her back is killing her she gets up and lies down in her hammock. A few minutes later the pain eases and goes away, no need for pain killers!I thought I have to give that a go, I got my first hammock and could not wait to get back pain again! Haha, no I should phrase that differently. I had my hammock ready for the night in which back pain would keep me awake. I had not to wait for long and eagerly I crawled into the hammock and waited. To be honest, I did not expect much to happen. The more surprised I was as slowly, but steadily the pain subsided! Wow...
It was a no-brainer; I had to set up a website that sold hammocks and help people who are new to 'hammocking' to figure out the best hammock to get. As the owner of a business that builds websites, I decided to take control of hammocksdownunder.com.au, myself. Hammocking (is that a word? It is now) is my passion now; I couldn't let someone else build this site!
If you are new to the world of hammocks, hopefully this site will help you find the perfect hammock for you. We have done everything we can to negotiate low prices from our manufacturers and pass the savings onto you. If you have got a question, please let us know. We will do everything we can to get you safely in a hammock so that you can enjoy the benefits and pleasures yourself!
Dagmar Scherer - Owner
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