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Every hammock needs some kind of hanging equipment. Whether it is a hammock stand or some tree straps or hooks, we have it all!

We decided not to overwhelm you with lots of versions of everything and just picked the best products we could find to make sure you will be satisfied.
The easiest option of course is a hammock stand aka hammock frame, you just place it wherever you want and put your hammock on it.

The same applies to hammock chair stands, find a spot and hang your hammock chair in it.

Tree straps give you additional flexibility, using them you can hang your hammock between 2 trees, between posts or a combination of a tree and a post.

Hooks are more for walls, ceilings or straight also for posts. We do not recommend using hooks in trees as it would cause damage to the tree.
Hammock springs can be used for hammock chairs or hammocks and usually are used together with a hook.
Please click on each hammock stand to see more details!

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