Hammock or bed - where to find better sleep

People often say they sleep a lot better in a hammock than they do in a bed.
Of course that sounds like a very subjective view. Now there is scientific proof that it is actually true!
Two Swiss scientists of the University of Geneva did a study and had some quite interesting findings.
One of the researchers, Sophie Schwartz says that the rocking movement of the hammock seems to contribute to a faster transition to sleep. Also, the sleep tends to be deeper including an increase of the length of the so called N2 sleep phase (which is a form of non-REM sleep).
Obviously the rocking ‘synchronises’ the brain waves which again promotes deeper and better sleep.
According to Schwartz the rocking movement of a hammock is “changing things in your brain”, it activates regions of the brain which are associated with sleep such as the amygdala. 
To explain it in more scientific terms, it means that the rocking slows oscillations and increases Sleep Spindles.
Sleep Spindles in the brain calm the sleeper to enable even tranquil sleep in noisy environments.
At the end of the day, one will only sleep well in a good quality hammock. If you decide for a cheap hammock which is not evenly woven, is too short, or hung in the wrong way you will not sleep well, no matter how much you rock. The quality of your hammock plays an important part in your sleeping experience.

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