No hammocking in winter? Who says that?

Winter is the time when we retreat inside and we think about a hot cuppa, maybe a lovely fireplace and some biscuits and gingerbread... 
What a nice way to get away from the day to day stress and just relax!
Now what does ‘relaxing’ remind me of? Right – a hammock! 

But isn’t it way too cold to hop into a hammock in your backyard? It surely is. 
Who says hammocks can only be hung in the backyard or on your balcony?
The newest trend is to use hammocks as part of the interior design!
No matter whether you have a colourful room and need a plain coloured hammock or you have a room in need of a dot of colour and you select a stunning hammock, you can only win!
Saying that, once a hammock hangs there, do not forget the cuppa and biscuits and enjoy the pure bliss! 

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