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You either buy a combo (hammock and stand combination) or you decide to hang your hammock or hammock chair yourself.

When you buy a combo you have not to worry about any accessories as it comes with everything. 

In case you buy a hammock you will have a place (or a few places) in mind where to hang it. The way most people do it is, they prepare the hanging equipment in each place and just move the hammock around. There may be some poles to hang your hammock on, maybe some walls or simply between 2 trees.

What do you need to hang your hammock?

The easiest way is obviously to buy a hammock stand, most stands are easy to move around and all are very easy to assemble.

You want to hang your hammock between 2 trees - you will need a pair of tree straps.

You want to hang your hammock between 2 poles - you can either use a hook kit (to screw into the poles) or a pair of tree straps

You want to hang your hammock between 2 walls - you need a hook kit

If you wish to add a bit of bounce you can always add a hammock spring on each end of the hammock.


What do you need to hang your hammock chair?

You may want to buy a hammock chair stand. 

If that is not an option you may have a spot in mind already.

Hammock chairs are hung either from a ceiling or under a tree. 

You may opt for either a hook or tree strap.

For additional comfort we highly suggest to add a hammock spring, it also makes it easier to get in and out of the hammock chair and adds a bit of a bounce to it and it helps in extending the lifetime of the ropes.



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